Shroot 3D (Extreme)

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Shroot 3D (Extreme)

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This is the same circuit as a Shred 3D but a must get for a Shroot pedal collection enthusiast

More demos added shortly.

Update: the row of EQ knobs being the smaller size makes on the fly adjustments more user friendly.

The 3rd and Final Version of the Shroot Lineup features some significant changes from the II included a completely reworked EQ section, more gain and more range than ever and a graphic with mega retro mojo and clear labels of each control

Preview Demo Below: Bass Demo: The Low control is a deeper and wider range (2x) of the Kick control on the Shroot II

The new “Scoop” control is a low mid active cut/boost that focuses on a narrow range and adds clarity, or warmth

The “Mid” is a higher mid Fuzz Imp signature tone stack feature present on many pedals in the lineup chosen for its specific musicality!

The rest of the pedal is fairly conventional. What’s not is how original and versatile this pedal is!

Made and assembled in Oregon one at a time.