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Trashcaster 2 (optional pickup reset included)


SOLD: here for reference temporarily

After the raging popularity of the video content of the Trashcaster videos featuring my first build with the white pickguard I finished out this second build. It’s slightly more refined, has a nice quality Squier CV Jazzmaster neck, and a USA alder body. Switching is set up as individual On/Off toggles for all 4 pickups. Single master volume knob.

The buyer will have the option to email consult and swap out a pickup or even do a complete reset from my collection of interesting pickup types (Tele single, hot rails single, P90, Jazzmaster, full size humbuckers)

Note part of the Trashcaster vibe is while this is a fully functional and fast playing machine, it has chips, scratches, dings etc. these builds are not prisitine. The below video about halfway in has clips of it in its current state. Includes Free US Shipping