Fuzz Imp


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The Fuzz Imp brand was started after I (Justus Gash) spent years doing demos for smaller builders in the boutique pedal world. During this time I helped create usable Instagram and Facebook clips for people to use to advertise their brands.

After making it my goal in 2020 to collect more than 50 fuzz pedals having squarely fallen in love with fuzz during my demo work, I decided to build a pedal kit. On Jan 1st of 2021 I built that first kit and it worked. I sold my entire collection of gear and dove headfirst into pedals, and that quickly turned into what the company is today. 

To date many hundreds of my pedals are all over the world, enjoyed by everyone from bedroom hobbiests to touring professionals and everything in between. I make more than fuzz but I will never lose my passion for fuzz pedals especially.

This is now my full time endeavor and while a small team today, will continue to grow and expand! 

- Justus Gash, Owner of Fuzz Imp