Fuzz Imp


Where could I even possibly begin when describing my experience with Fuzz Imp? Accessibility and quality. Every item I've purchased has arrived in mint, functional condition. I've yet to have anything give me problems, and I'm pretty heavy on my devices. Don't just take my word for it, if you're interested in the aural excellence I have spoken of, please allow Fuzz Imp to surpass your expectations and become one of your favorite pedals!
-Kevin S.

I am honored and privileged to own the first Fuzz Imp Adventure pedal, and I must say, it exceeded my already-high expectations. I also own an original Boss FZ-2 (the inspiration for the Adventure), and while I also love that pedal, the Adventure takes things to the next level by allowing the player to blend in clean signal to the fuzz (or blend fuzz into the clean signal). This is a great idea, and it's a shame more builders don't offer this ability. The fuzz is just as intense as on an FZ-2, and the clean boost just as clean and boost-y. The components and build quality are excellent, and Justus is a remarkably honest, candid, and talented builder who makes some fantastic noise machines. Highly recommended !!!
-Christopher Hughes

I'd been searching for something to replace my Colorsound Fuzzbox on my board for a while, when a few years ago I just happened across a demo of the Monocle on Youtube. I've seen purchased numerous of Fuzz Imp's offerings and indeed have used all of them to an extent. As I am a creature of habit, I've kept the Monocle in play for all of this time and it remains one of my favorite pedals. I can dial in a sound with my amp and my guitar tone and just let the pedal be a very dirty little bastard. It's important to me to buy from small businesses that are located in the states. I own 15 Fuzz Imp pedals now, and while some get more play than others, I can also derive satisfaction from knowing that I am supporting a local company instead of some nameless oligarch controlling some Orwellian hellhole factory that cranks out knockoff Donald Duck wallets between electronic parts shortages.
-Jeff S.