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Fuzz Imp


UPDATE! No cancellations on orders past 48 hours, the cases have been ordered and build is in process at this point. The Policies page is updated to reflect this with more details 

If an order is very late (beyond 6-8 weeks) and we haven't corresponded please email in. The shipping integration does glitch at times and orders get lost very rarely.  To date more than 3000 units have made it to their homes all over the world safely. 

Always feel free to email with questions or concerns.

Regarding repairs or warranty also email. 

There is a whole page dedicated to a more detailed breakdown of the no refund/return policy labeled Policies 

Every effort is being made to transition to a "In stock" and not a "preorder" or made to order business model, in order to avoid supply chain and shortage issues that arise without warning. Apologies to all who are effected by circumstances outside of Fuzz Imps control. All orders are still live in the queue and will ship ASAP. 

True Bypass? 

YUP. Every Fuzz Imp pedal uses the new industry standard mechanical relay switching, without power to your pedal, clean tone passes free and clear. No buffers, or adulteration. But! You get the benefit of a longer switch life and quieter switching via a relay system. 

Is Anything In Stock?

We do have Dealers! See the Dealer page for faster shipping, or email if a specific order is needed for a gift etc. 

What If I have other Questions?
The Contact emails are usually answered within minutes during waking hours (PST) 

What Power Do I Use:
PLEASE Only 9V DC Center Negative 100ma power supply, often referred to as "Boss Style" if you need a link to an Amazon listing that is affordable and easy just email. 

What is the warranty? 
Every pedal has a lifetime warranty, buyer only pays initial shipping, no additional fees outside of extreme circumstances

Will I get a tracking number? 
Yes, tracking is sent when the label is printed, usually in batches with the days builds. Occasionally a label will "sit" for a day or two, this is completely normal. Any order questions can also be asked through the Contact page

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. a $25 USD flat shipping charge is added for any country outside the US (free shipping) and Canada ($12)