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Full Demos on Guitar and Bass:

Product Information:

• Current ETA on a new order is 15-20 business days (3-4 weeks). Please note that small delays may occur as we are a dedicated small business, and the popularity of our Creature pedal is extraordinary.

Unleash Your Creativity:

• Create your own signature heavy drive sound or unleash chaos with synthy madness.

Power Requirements:

• Runs on Standard 9V DC “Boss Style” Center Negative Adaptor power (battery not included).

Customer Review:
“The Creature is a monster that completely changed my perception of fuzz behavior. It’s unlike anything I’ve played before, yet strangely familiar. It does fat, sponge, grit, pumpkins, noise, gate, and straight-up demolition while remaining sculpt-y and incredibly versatile. The intentional noise floor is a unique feature, and I love how the Creature grovels and growls when I taper the signal off intentionally. It’s much more practical than trying to capture regular noise or feedback in a song setting. This pedal is easy to control, allowing you to sculpt its behavior from appropriate to chaotic on a song-by-song basis. Even after two months, I feel like I haven’t exhausted its possibilities. It has become a staple in my collection, and every friend who has tried it has become captivated as well. It’s rare for me to get genuinely excited and curious about a circuit design just from seeing it online, and even rarer for the delivery and performance to exceed my expectations. Moreover, I’ve never received such incredible support, care, and encouragement from a builder even before making a purchase. It’s truly impressive and meaningful, especially considering it’s a one-man show. Justus, thank you for approaching your craft and the artists you equip with an artist’s heart. Mans is clearly operating within his zone of genius. I’m thrilled to be one of the first artists to own and use one of these unique creatures before it becomes revered and sought after as a fuzz legend.” - Customer Review by Gage Wayland

Pedal Features:

• True Bypass: The mechanical relay system ensures your signal remains untouched between the jacks, even with no power to the pedal.

Introducing the Fuzz Imps:

• Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest dwell the Fuzz Imps, a rare species of wild mythical creatures. These unassuming fuzzy friends transform into roaring and raging beasts when stepped on, their echoes reverberating throughout the land.

Basic Controls and Manual Overview:

• The 5 controls are highly interactive, allowing you to shape the tonality and feel of the pedal, ranging from noise to tame.
• Squish and Gate: These bias controls act as independent noise gates for the various transistors in the circuit. Dialing in the sweet spots (try turning them up towards 9 o’clock) offers tight precision with no noise between riffs. For a wilder side, turn them to the left, engaging high gain for wild oscillations and crushing sonic destruction.
• Clang: This is the gain control for the in-line overdrive/fuzz circuit, kicking in around 9 o’clock. When cranked, it enhances low notes, causing the fuzz to bloom and compress. Be cautious, as setting it to zero will mute the input, but it serves as a great tool for oscillations.
• Fuzz: This gain control adjusts the second fuzz circuit and sounds great at every level, from 0 to max, depending on the Squish and Gate settings.

Recommended Starting Settings:

• The default settings upon shipment usually have clang and fuzz (gain) set well below noon, with squish