Starting Feb, all Creature pedals ship with machines Aluminum knobs

The fuzz you never knew you needed, the Fuzz Imp Creature is a multifunction tone seekers dream. Any texture imaginable just a knob twist away!

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Lifetime Warranty

Full Demos on Guitar and Bass:

Current ETA on a new order is ~2-3 Weeks

This is a small shop working hard and these are worth the short wait

Create your own signature heavy drive sound, or unleash chaos and synthy madness

Runs on Standard 9V DC “Boss Style” Center Negative Adaptor power (no battery) adaptor not included.

This pedal is True Bypass, it’s a mechanical relay system and even with no power to the pedal, will leave your signal between the jacks untouched

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest dwells the Fuzz Imps.

A rare species of wild mythical creature who are unassuming fuzzy friends who when stepped on roar and rage and can be heard throughout the land.

Basic Controls and Manual Overview:

The 5 controls are very interactive and the whole tonality and feel of the pedal can change depending on settings from noisy to tame

Squish and Gate are a pair of bias controls (think independent noise gate) for the various transistors in the circuit and can allow you to get tight precision with no noise between riffs if you dial in the sweet spots (try turning them up a bit towards 9 o clock) see the 2nd photo of the pedal in hand for a good starting point

Or unleash the wild side (turning them to the left) with high gain and get wild oscillations and crushing sonic destruction

Clang is the gain control for an in-line overdrive/fuzz circuit kicking in around 9 o'clock and when cranked low notes bloom and compress the fuzz, Caution! It will mute the input set to zero but this is a great tool for oscillations!

Fuzz is a gain control for the second fuzz circuit and sounds great at every level (from 0 to max) depending on the Squish and Gate settings

The setting they are shipped set to usually is clang and fuzz (gain) set well below noon, squish and gate up pretty high, and volume slightly over Unity with a medium output pickup, This is recommended as a starting point since it’s gated and pretty tamed. It’s easier to start from here and experiment!