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Obtainium is a rich sounding, ultra responsive “tube” style booster/drive pedal powered by MOSFET components.

Think a Klon with adjustable mids

I call it the Ob

New orders ship with usual 2-3 week turnaround

Volume boost on tap with a slight squish and compression as you increase the volume control and drive the front end of an amp or other pedals harder.

The Mid control knob is a proprietary op amp driven active EQ going from deep sounding and scooped fully left to a nice chime to the right!

Gain control up until noon with lower output pickups can stay fairly clean

In fact this pedal has the “cleanest” gain response and maximum transparency throughout its range of any Fuzz Imp pedal especially when compared to the Shroot and Shroot II. Dime everything and it’s something like a cranked old Plexi on the bright channel. Rich, raw, boosted fun territory. Free US Shipping, 2-3 week standard turnaround as every order is built one pedal at a time in Oregon