Fuzz Imp
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Enhanced Volume Boost and Compression:

The pedal offers a versatile volume boost feature that adds a slight squish and compression as you increase the volume control. This allows you to drive the front end of your amplifier or other pedals harder, resulting in dynamic and expressive tones.

Proprietary Active EQ:

The Mid control knob utilizes a proprietary op-amp-driven active EQ. When turned fully left, it delivers a deep and scooped sound, while turning it to the right adds a pleasant chime to your tone. This control empowers you to shape the midrange frequencies to suit your preferences.

Clean Gain Response:

The Gain control exhibits remarkable transparency, particularly when kept below noon with lower output pickups. Even at higher gain settings, this pedal maintains a remarkably clean response, ensuring maximum clarity and fidelity throughout its range. This sets it apart from other Fuzz Imp pedals, such as the Shroot and Shroot II.

Discover the power of this pedal’s volume boost, versatile EQ, and clean gain response, making it an indispensable tool for achieving a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Dime everything and it’s something like a cranked old Plexi on the bright channel. Rich, raw, boosted fun territory. Free US Shipping, 2-3 week standard turnaround as every order is built one pedal at a time in Oregon