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Product Information:

Introducing DRAT!, a faithful modern reissue of a classic distortion variant based on the Rat circuit. This pedal offers a warmer tone with a smoother top end, providing a straightforward and user-friendly distortion experience. Handcrafted in Oregon using all through-hole construction.

Updated Features:

While staying true to the original Brat variant, which lacked an LED or 9V power plug, DRAT! includes several enhancements:

• True Bypass Mechanical Switching: Ensures pristine signal integrity when the pedal is bypassed.
• Indicator LED: Provides visual feedback when the pedal is engaged.
• Compact Size with Top Jacks: The pedal is designed to save space on your pedalboard, with all connections conveniently located on top.

Power Requirements:

DRAT! operates using a 9V DC center negative power supply with a minimum current rating of 100mA. Please note that the power supply is not included with the pedal.

Limited Quantity and Hand-Soldered:

This run of DRAT! pedals is produced in limited quantities and each unit is meticulously hand-soldered, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Experience the incredible tone and versatility of DRAT!, a distortion pedal that captures the essence of the classic Rat circuit with modern enhancements.