Fuzz Imp

Echo Moon (Saturated Delay)

Product Information:

The Echo Moon is a versatile delay pedal that interacts well with drive pedals, offering two distinct voices accessible via a toggle switch.

Full Mode:

In “Full” mode, the pedal delivers a warm, full-range delay that works wonders for solo boosts and creating warm ambience.

• It blends seamlessly with drive pedals, integrating smoothly into your signal chain, particularly when using Lofi mode.

Lofi Mode:

Switching to “Lofi” mode reshapes the main filters, resulting in a less dark and bass-heavy version of your signal chain. It even excels when placed in front of your favorite distortions and fuzzes.

Delay Time:

The maximum delay time reaches approximately 5-600ms, allowing for a range of rhythmic possibilities.

Analog Voiced with Character:

The Echo Moon boasts an “analog” voicing, imparting unique character to your tone. The repeats are not pristine and clean, but rather add distinctive flavors to your overall sound.

Crafted in Oregon:

This pedal is proudly handcrafted in Oregon, ensuring high quality and attention to detail.

Shipping Information:

• Free shipping within the United States.
• International shipping available for $25.