Echo Moon (Saturated Delay)

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Echo Moon (Saturated Delay)

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Echo Moon is the FIRST Fuzz Imp time based unit and as per usual, has some tricks up its sleeve.

The onboard op amp boost circuit allows you to push your favorite amps a little more, and add solo boost not just a “clean” repeat

Think a loud, dirty old tape machine in a small box for your favorite lofi musings.

The Echo Moon takes drive pedals well and has two very distinct voices onboard with a toggle. The “Full” mode is a full range warm delay great for solo boosts and warm ambience.

It also uniquely punches through drive pedals and melds into other pedals running up front. Especially on Lofi mode.

The “Lofi” mode reshapes the main filters and allows a less dark and bass heavy version of your chain even sounds killer in front of your favorite distortions and fuzzes.

Delay time maxes out around 5-600ms

This is a more “analog” voiced delay and the repeats are not clean. That being said it adds some great flavors to your tone!

Made in Oregon, Free US Shipping, International for $25

Shipping first wave approx May 20th