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Shroot (Original)


Product Information:

Introducing the Shroot, a versatile pedal with three simple yet highly interactive and musical controls.

Signature Tones and Responsiveness:

The Shroot is not just a whimsical collectible; it delivers cleanish tones reminiscent of Tubescreamer OD twang, thick Amp-like drive, and a super responsive feel. These characteristics make it a sought-after pedal for a wide variety of genres, earning its place on pedalboards and in front of countless amps and audiences.

Simple Controls:

1. Bears: Volume - This control offers tons of boost potential, allowing you to go well beyond unity volume for extra drive into your amp.
2. Beets: Gain - At the minimum level (to the left), it functions as a virtually clean boost. Crank it up for maximum saturation and rich overdrive.
3. Battlestar Galactika: Tone - This control shapes the overall tone of the pedal. To the left, it provides a warmer filter, while cranking it adds a bit of extra edge and even enhances the perception of gain.

Experience the versatility and sonic possibilities of the Shroot pedal, designed for musical exploration and delivering exceptional tones across various genres.