Fuzz Imp
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Surprise (Distortion) 2024 Edition

$139.99 - $159.99

Available in regular or “Big Box” for a small upcharge
Limited Rerelease!

Bringing back a classic from the early Fuzz Imp days. The Surprise is based on the classic Shredmaster distortion of the 90s with a nod aesthetically to another distortion pedal.

The mini toggle goes between a more raw and open clipping sound and a more dark saturated sound

From Walter:

“ Dude, I am so floored by this pedal! I tried it through a Slash sig Marshall with a vintage 30 cab and it sounds like freaking WAR! I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you for building this for me. I will absolutely put the word out within my group of friends and get them to pick up some of your builds! I've got my eyes on a few more. Thank you Justus! You are amazing!”

Controls are Volume, Sweep and Gain

Sweep fully cranked goes into a gnarly scooped mid and to the left it goes more open and rich.

The gain range is wide and goes from a nice classic rock tone to a nice chunky metal rhythm.

Lead time 3-4 weeks as all Fuzz Imp pedals are made to order