Fuzz Imp

Adventure Octave


Product Information:

This pedal offers a wide range of textures with its 6 controls, providing versatility for your sound.

Three Independent Circuits:

It features three distinct but blendable circuits:

1. Octave Fuzz: Delivers an octave-up fuzz effect.
2. Heavy Scooped Fuzz: Produces a powerful and scooped fuzz tone.
3. Clean Preamp: Provides a clean preamp signal.

Active High and Low Controls:

The high and low controls function as expected but are both active, allowing you to cut or boost frequencies. These controls act as the master EQ mix for all sounds.

Blend Control:

The blend control determines the mix between the clean preamp and the two varieties of fuzz.

Clean Volume Control:

The clean volume control adjusts the overall volume of the clean preamp. When combined with the blend control, you can balance it with the fuzz or use it independently.

Octave Control:

The octave control blends in the intensity of the octave-up fuzz and operates independently of the main op-amp-driven fuzz.

Fuzz Control:

The fuzz control adds gain to the secondary fuzz circuit (excluding the octave fuzz).

Power Requirements:

The pedal operates on a standard 9V DC power supply with a center negative polarity (Boss Style).