Fuzz Imp
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Sender V


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The most advanced Sender variant ever.

2 separate boosts: A massive eq boost on the left side that can “Saw” and everything from the 2 knob version, but now with a tone control and a toggle for a transistor “pre” boost to tighten the gain up.

In addition a new feature the “Vintage/Hot” toggle AND a Gate knob
This is the ultimate muff!
Kicking the right side footswitch engages everything you see face up, and the boost on/off engages the mid focused transistor boost for making things more clear

Clip is a 3 way toggle, to the right is full diode clipping, middle is open, left is clipping with a high pass
The Gate starts engages around 7-8 and can be used to tame the background hiss and hum with this much gain