Drone Gazer (Dealer Model)

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 Drone Gazer (Dealer Model)

Drone Gazers are now Dealer Exclusive

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Current dealer inventory is the last batch of Gazers

The Mini is Identical in sound as the earlier demos. Same board, same everything, just more compact

Killer dual fuzz/distortion all made in the USA.

Requires 9VDC Isolated Center Negative “Boss Style” 100ma recommended power supply Only

A collaboration between Fuzzed Drones and Fuzz Imp the Drone Gazer is a pair of independent but very stackable fuzzy distortions. The right side Gaze Drive controlled with volume and gain is a modified Sender circuit, balanced to blend better and refined to be the best player experience.

The Drone Drive section is a modified Rat inspired circuit, with a multitude of mods including a special toggle switch with two voicings!

Demos here: